TAG-Confucius Institute Services

TAG-Confucius Institute conducts and organizes many events and activities related to the Chinese culture. Activities include: teaching Chinese language and providing students with the necessary resources, training Chinese language instructors and preparing and conducting the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). TAG-Confucius also provides consultancy services in education and facilitating scholarships in China for students of different levels and abilities. Other activities include organizing summer camps and educators delegations to China, holding “Chinese Bridge” – a Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students, inviting students to attend Chinese activities held in Amman to give them the opportunity to interact with the Chinese community in Jordan and practice their knowledge of the Chinese language, organizing workshops related to business in China, Chinese economy and traditional Chinese medicine as well as conducting teaching activities and cultural exchange activities.

Contact Person: Mr. Mamoun Abu al-Sebaa’

Email: mabualsebaa@tag.global


Website: tagconfucius.com